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We are concerned for our Member Mr. & Ms __________________residing at _______________________ and under the issue they have raised with us  we address you as under:

  1. That our Member has availed of the facility of Personal Loan/Home Loan/Credit Card (any loan/Credit Card mention with account no.) from your Bank/NBFC/Others as a customer and he/she has a good relationship with your bank as a customer and regularly paying the due instalments at the accurate time and day.
  2. That now as we all know that this pandemic has lead us all to a bad situation were all are facing economic and medical issues. The lockdown imposed by the Government has resulted in the loss and or decline in the income of our member and the very reason is act of GOD and is beyond his/her control.
  3. That our member is your regular customer and is a respectable citizen but your office inspite of request is not providing any appropriate solutions to our member, the reason know best to you.
  4. That our member is only constantly getting calls for recovery and payment and the behaviour is also very rude. The RBI Recovery Rules has provided specific guidelines for case to case solution to be provide to people whose livelihood is affected due to the lockdown and provide necessary solutions in for of restructure and moratorium as required. Our member states that he has lost his livelihood and his income has been affected due to the lockdown, when there is not much income flow how can he repay. Our member is and honest borrower and hence is approaching you through us to provide him the necessary resolutions as directed by the RBI and Finance Ministry.


  1. Therefore, we humbly request on behalf of our member to provide proper solution and restructure with required moratorium period for above said loan account in favour of my said client as directed and set forth in the rules by the RBI and not to raise any demand of money from our member without written specifications.Please also note that refusal to provide solution should be given in writing with grounds of refusals and necessary policies attached alongwith.



We are awaiting a favourable reply and solution and remedy for our said Member in the interest of Natural Justice, Human rights and Dignity provided by the Constitution of India.



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